The platform records research associated with environmentally conscious design creation, which cannot be done without interdisciplinary collaboration (intensive teamwork). The project focuses on the motivation, functioning and ecological impact of interdisciplinary teams (design, science, art, engineering) from the field of design and material innovation. The platform contains thematic articles, interesting links and interviews with the initiators and members of such teams.

The project was created with the aim of sharing findings and important resources with design students and designers and in an effort to motivate and direct them so that they are able to initiate and apply collaborative ways of practice here in the Czech Republic.

This platform also includes an overview of materials, their alternatives, and other possible responsible design approaches, all of them was original content of a website that was created as a part of a diploma thesis (Responsible Design, FaVU, 2021). The original website was aimed at design students and designers who are not indifferent to how material resources are handled and who would like to change their ways but are not certain how to and where to start.

Do you know an interesting link that is missing from the database? Want to share your story? Would you be interested in a specific interview?

The project was renewed with the support of the Specific Research FaVu BUT and is one of the outputs of Valentýna Landa Filípková's dissertation.

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