A summary of links related to environmentally conscious design.

Experts, iniciatives and studios

︎︎︎Liz Corbin
︎︎︎Carole Collet
︎︎︎Neri Oxman
︎︎︎Cate Franklin / Caroline Till
︎︎︎Maya Shmailov
︎︎︎Suzanne Lee

︎︎︎World of Matter
︎︎︎Environmentally Conscious Design
︎︎︎DXM Berlin
︎︎︎Matters of Activity

Research centres and initiatives
︎︎︎MIT Media Lab
︎︎︎Morphing Matter Lab
︎︎︎Dumo Lab
︎︎︎BioArt Laboratories
︎︎︎Art Laboratory Berlin
︎︎︎Joint Research Centre (JRC)
︎︎︎Klasse Klim
︎︎︎STATE Studio
︎︎︎Conscious Textile Group

︎︎︎Design Research Lab
︎︎︎Materials Experience Lab
︎︎︎MOME Innovation Center

Studios and companies
︎︎︎Modern Synthesis
︎︎︎Clemens Winkler
︎︎︎Crafting Plastics

︎︎︎Modern Meadow


︎︎︎Officina Corpuscoli







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